One of my favorite baby carriers // The Ergobaby

***UPDATE! Today you can get the camel ERGObaby carrier for $69 on Amazon without the gift card promotion!!! Get it HERE

Ergobaby for cheap

We absolutely love our Ergo! I can’t tell you enough good things about it. This momma of 4 would get absolutely NO housework done if it weren’t for the Ergo. My little one is just 3 months here and as you can see hangs out pretty well in the Ergo. I started using the back carry as soon as he could hold his head up, which for him was a little earlier than most.  This is one of the best carriers for great back support. I have fibromayalgia and this carrier does not bother my back. I love that it can be used for front, back, and hip carry. I haven’t tried the hip carry because the little one is still too young. The Ergo is really awesome if you breastfeed also. It comes with a little flap or umbrella to cover baby’s head. It can be used for discrete nursing, to block the sun off their head, or just to keep touchy folks away.


I have used the Moby in the past and love it for the beginning stages when my baby is still tiny. It helped keep us close and snug! And the price is pretty stellar!

If you’re like me you don’t have a whole lot of money to fish out for the Ergo, even though I SWEAR it is well worth the money and lasts forever. I bought mine as hand me down for about $20 less than retail. Not TOO bad! Right now Amazon is having an amazing sale on the Ergo in Camel. It ends up being only $62 and ships within 2 days if you have a Prime membership. What I love about the Camel Ergo is you can safely dye it any beautiful color you like! Check out this one done by Mommy’s a little random.


Go Get your Ergo on sale here —-> Ergobaby Original Collection Baby Carrier, Camel

Don’t forget to scroll down and look for the promotion to get $25 back in Amazon gift cards making your Ergo just $62!!!

Leave me a comment letting me know why you already love Ergo or if you purchase one today!

2 thoughts on “One of my favorite baby carriers // The Ergobaby

  1. If we have another baby I would like to wear him/her more than I did my first three. I wish I would have had a comfortable carrier with baby #3 because I felt like I was always holding him (which prevented me from getting a lot done!) 😉

    • You will love it Valerie! I now own 4 different carriers and love them all equally (although some are def harder than others). Which carried did you try out if you don’t mind me asking? The reason I got into carrying was due to my 3rd being a baby just like yours! I discovered the Moby first and actually made my own. It helped tremendously in getting things done!!!

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